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Diminishing Dry Eyes


Dr. Aggarwal of the Eye Clinic & Laser Institute discusses chronic dry eye syndrome and its treatments How would you know if you have dry eyes? Do your eyes feel dry, itchy and gritty? Are your eyes burning and watery?…

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Gaining the Competitive Edge on Standardized Tests


LearningRx’s innovative training methodology helps students boost brain performance   Throughout high school, teenagers are challenged to become college ready. Academic excellence, positive peer relationships and extracurricular activities are the resume builders that equate to success. But are the tools…

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Fitness & Nutrition: The Gatekeepers to Healthy Living


Professionals at Health First Pro-Health & Fitness Centers weigh in on the keys to disease prevention From warding of diseases, to strengthening bones and controlling weight, to simply boosting your mood and outlook on life, there are few choices that…

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Preventative Health Care on the Space Coast


According to U.S. Preventative Medicine, chronic illnesses – namely heart disease, cancer, stroke, pulmonary disease and diabetes — account for about 70 percent of all U.S. deaths and 80 percent of all health care costs for consumers, employers and government…

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The Prevention of Hypertension


Dr. Gobivenkata Balaji and registered nurse Denise Clark of VNA of the Space Coast offer insight on the importance of blood-pressure readings   One of the worst aspects of hypertension is that it presents no obvious symptoms. You could have…

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Reducing Re-Hospitilzations


As a long-term acute-care hospital, Kindred Hospital Melbourne has the time to provide the level care needed to reduce each patient’s chances of re-admission As a health care system focused on treating medically complex patients who need extended recovery time…

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Revolutionary Robotic Surgeries


Dr. Drexel Dobson of Wuesthoff Health System pioneers complex general and colorectal surgical procedures with the da Vinci® surgical system   In the approximately one year H. Drexel Dobson, III, M.D. has been with Surgical Associates of Brevard, a physician…

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Prevention & Detection of Common Chronic Conditions


Physicians at Wuesthoff Health System shed light on treatments for four troublesome diseases When it comes to your health, an ounce of prevention can go a long way toward saving your life. While people generally tend to have an optimistic…

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90 Day Healthy, Beautiful Skin Challenge


“90 Day Healthy, Beautiful Skin Challenge” Are you up for the challenge? SpaceCoast Living reader Kimberly is up for the challenge! We asked fans on our Facebook to send us photos of their skin concerns for a chance to look…

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Skin Filler 101


In An Industry Plump with Choices, Basic Knowledge Aids in Smooth Selection Process By Anita Saluja, MD The skin aesthetics and anti-aging products available today can often produce incredible results, but navigating the many options can sometimes be stressful enough…