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A Work of Art


The Artisan Laser Treatment Platform treats many skin imperfections with long lasting results and without lengthy downtime. As skin ages it takes on a tired, worn look.  Wrinkles and textural irregularities accumulate as skin loses elasticity.  Activities and lifestyle choices…


Beauty for Life


Like the old adage about death and taxes, aging is inevitable.  But women are starting to think about the care of their skin at a younger age.  Dr. Roxanne Guy agrees that while you can’t stop the aging process completely,…


Finding the Time to Get Fit


One of the benefits of working with a personal fitness coach, is it forces us to set aside a block of time to exercise.  I hear from so many of my clients that time is one of the biggest challenges…


Passion for Wellness & Beauty


Kate Gurecki, licensed holistic esthetician and owner of Blue Morpho Organic Skin Spa wants her business as a whole to be a source of truth and beauty. From acne to anti aging, Kate promises clients results using holistic treatments using…


Here’s to a Healthy Holiday!


By Melissa Vandett According to historians, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621. Although we don’t know for sure what these first dinner guests consumed, history suggests it included wild fowl, seafood, venison, Indian corn and wheat flour, vegetables, fruits…

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Fit At 50


Oh how times have changed.  In 1900, the average life expectancy was fifty years of age. Now 50 is fab, and this generation is active and has big plans for their future.  So with the prevention of heart disease, osteoporosis and Type 2 diabetes just an added…


It’s Just a Number


In her thirteen years as a practicing anesthesiologist Dr. Kim Zipper saw many patients undergoing surgery for preventable problems. “During that time I would see fifty-five year old female patients that were always on the same three to four medications. …


Get Fit with Fido


Those of us who share our lives with four legged friends don’t need scientific data to prove that our pets make us happy and improve the quality of our lives.  But twenty years ago the National Institute of Health put…