2019 b The Change Awards

bUneke Magazine & La Bella Spa invited 150+ nonprofits to nominate volunteers. 9 winners/9 categories will be honored for their selflessness at a free gala, with media attention & an evening of pampering. They will tell why they chose their…


Brevard County Hometown Heroes

People & Business

By Christine Edwards When You Need Help the Most, They’re the First on Scene The old saying goes, “everyday people can be heroes every day.”  Everyday heroes are your next door neighbors, the man behind you in the checkout lane,…


Heroic Perspective

People & Business

By: Jaimee Preston “It feels like my husband and I are both at a pinnacle point in our careers.” Major Cathleen Snow, Chief of Public Affairs at 920th Rescue wing, for Patrick Air force base, explained in her last remaining…