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motivational workout

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Fitness Faux Pas: Lessons from a Hot Mess


I have had some interesting, somewhat embarrassing experiences along the way, in my efforts to be active and try new things.  Of course by “somewhat embarrassing,” I mean, “I’m a hot mess.”  Read on, you’ll see. 1. Super Bowl Tumble…

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I received an email this week from a woman who was frustrated, struggling and ready to give up on her weight loss journey.  She was looking on the internet and just happened to read my previous post “If I Can Do…

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Exercise Essentials


Exercise always sounds good in my head, “Oh, today I need to run 15 miles, no big deal.” (This was my exact thought just this past Sunday.).  Well, 3.5 miles into the run, 11.5 more sounded like a bigger deal…