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The Arts Scene

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By Michelle Spitzer Neil Levine is in disbelief when he hears people say the Space Coast is lacking an arts scene. “They are just wrong,” Neil said, as the executive director of the Brevard Cultural Alliance. “I am amazed at…


Artful Beauty: Sculpture Artist Suzanne Frank

Arts & Community

Sculpture artist Suzanne Parisien Frank takes 25 pounds of clay, along with her limitless imagination and creates beautiful works of art. She started working with porcelain clay in 1988, making unique items of jewelry and then shifted to a serious…


Art & Algorithms on Florida’s Space Coast

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In October, Titusville becomes a digital downtown. You might be thinking what are digital arts? Like the “digital world” that encompasses so much of our daily lives, digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and…


EGAD Under New Leadership

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When Vicky Dorman retired from the Council for the Arts of Herndon, Fairfax Board of Supervisors in Fairfax, VA, little did she know it would be a short-lived respite. “To me retirement was moving back to Florida and never seeing…


What Art Teaches Our Kids

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Prior to the beginning of the school year, 24 area teachers participated in a two- day workshop conducted by artist Derek Gores, a big proponent of the importance of art education. “The little sliver that was art from my school…

Space Coast LIVING Cover Model

A Soft Spot for Pets

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Space Coast residents love their pets. They also love helping other people’s pets and pets that don’t have a home yet. Meet some of Brevard’s animal advocates to find out more about how they’re helping our furry citizens. It’s a…


Oh, the Places She’s Been

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An exhibit at the King Center recently wrapped up the latest accomplishment of photographer Bailey Underill. An amazing achievement considering Bailey is only 16 years old, one of the youngest exhibitors in the King Center’s 25-year history. She picked up…


Celebrating Our Pets

Arts & Community

We all have had those moments when we find our pets are so cute that we just need to share it with the rest of the world. We asked our readers to send in a photo of their favorite furry…


Family Man – Mark Goff

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Mark Goff, 51 Consultant/Instructor Mark Goff grew up in a seaside town in Massachusetts and came to Florida to pursue baseball dreams. And though he didn’t end up playing in the majors, he’s still living the dream as a pitching…


Family Man – Kirk Kessel

Arts & Community

“The thing I enjoy the most is spending time with my kids.”   Kirk Kessel ran a landscaping business in high school, started flying at 14 and got his pilot’s license at 16, before he got his driver’s license. His…