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Recognizing Medical Emergencies When to Go to the ER? You know how to handle a minor scrape at home but sometimes the significance of injuries or symptoms isn’t always clear. Dr. Michael Shapiro, Medical Director of Health First NOW Urgent…

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Health and Fitness Apps Put Health in Your Hands


By: Beth Kelly Health and Fitness Apps Put Health in Your Hands There are many smartphone apps on the market today designed to help you become a stronger, healthier version of yourself. Use of health and fitness apps is booming…

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Smile More


Before you say a word, your smile speaks to everyone you meet. Getting a better and brighter smile can be simple and even affordable. Dr. Cedric Chenet explains several ways to improve your smile. Whitening  Teeth get yellow and lose…

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Enhancing the Quality of Life


For anyone who has ever suffered from chronic pain —  which according to a 2011 report from the Institute of Medicine (IOM), more than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain at a cost of around $600 billion a year…

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Getting to Know: Dr. Ravi Shankar, MD


Dr. Ravi Shankar, MD of Cancer Care Centers of Brevard and President of BIMDA Dr. Ravi Shankar, president and medical director of Cancer Care Centers of Brevard will lead BIMDA (Brevard Indo-American Medical and Dental Association), as its 2014 chairman…

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Listen to Your Brain and Body


Learning the signs of stroke and acting FAST could save your life or a loved one’s  By: Daniela Rusovici, MD, PhD, board-certified neurologist and a member of Parrish Medical Group. Q: What causes a stroke? A:A stroke is often called…

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Mommy Makeovers

Health, Style

Taking Care of You Moms are used to taking care of everyone around them. So when a woman feels like she wants to take care of herself by getting back to her pre-pregnancy body, a “mommy makeover” is a popular…

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Wade into Therapeutic Luxury


Water turns walking “can’ts” into “cans.” How many times have you associated the thought of private rooms, an upscale café and bistro, a fully-wired media and library area outfitted with computers, and surround sound movie theatre with a rehabilitation center…

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Exceeding Expectations


by Carl Kotala EFSC Accelerates Transition from Community College The debut of Eastern Florida State College’s first two bachelor degree programs has been an unmitigated success … so here come more. “Health care is among the fastest job growth fields…

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The Good Life


The “good life” means … securing the social, health and wellness services you deserve. By Doreen Boudreau, Director of Marketing Buena Vida Estates Key benefits of social activities in retirement communities: 1. Relationship building: Social activities with other people in…