What Is Telemedicine?


Advanced video technologies provide medical care at a distance Telemedicine has proven to be a core component of patient engagement when using the latest software technology from companies like Pipeline Video Solutions, Inc. in Melbourne. The term telemedicine includes both…


It’s Never Too Late to Feel Young and Strong


Club Performax offers a personal touch to working out.   When Laurie Rivers decided it was time to lose weight  — not for an upcoming vacation, or a class reunion, but for herself  — she checked out three different local…


Relaxing the Stresses of Daily Life


RESTORATIVE YOGA at THEE HOUSE OF YOGA by Jenna Lomazzo Jenna Lomazzo is the owner of Thee House of Yoga in Indialantic. A licensed massage therapist, her passion for anatomy and healing drew her into the yoga world and strengthened…


Women’s Wellness


BIMDA’s female physician members weigh-in on a gamut of health issues. After years of being under-reported, breast cancer now gets the attention it deserves. But, breast cancer is not the only health issue women and their families need to know…


Lending a Hand Up


The Hand Up Dental Program gives survivors of domestic violence a reason to smile. The dental services offered by the Hand Up Dental Program may be routine, but the program’s overreaching mission is nothing short of life changing. “Our goal… is Presented By

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Summer Safety


Summertime usually means an increase in outdoor activities which can lead to more injuries and trips to the emergency room. According to the Center for Disease Control the number of emergency department visits recently reached 129.8 million annually.  So when…


Finding Balance with Yoga


Michelle Cannon Epting The practice of yoga originated more than 5,000 years ago in India to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  Millions of people practice yoga in the U.S. Yoga is designed to join physical poses (known as asanas)…


Crossfit – Becoming a New Man


By Michelle Cannon Epting As the summer season unfolds, the time comes to shed more layers of clothing and engage in more physical activities. If you are looking to take on some alternative activities to get in shape and transform…


To Your Health: How to Avoid Golf Hazards


By Dr. Raymond J. DeLorenzi Everyone knows that our great state is a haven for golf; however, did you know that there are roughly 13 golf courses in Brevard County alone? Our local courses provide an amazing opportunity for people…


Robot-Assisted Option Offers Advantages for Kidney Surgery


When most people hear the word kidney cancer, they think they might need a transplant, lose a kidney or worse, but there are tools that can actually help save healthy kidneys. Health First Medical Group’s Andrew Zabinski, MD, is Board-certified…