Cancer and Stress Go Hand in Hand


Cancer. The word alone evokes emotional stress and seems to touch all of us in some way. Recently, cancer claimed two of my close friends. And lung cancer took my mother, a smoker, when I was a teenager 43 years…


Radiantly Healthy MD


The cure for the common medical practice by Jaimee Preston   Be it diabetes, high blood pressure, fatigue, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome or any number of lifestyle ailments and disease, a proactive, integrated approach to medicine is the cure for…


A Novel Approach to Anti-Aging


Dr. Ross Clevens launches all-inclusive cosmetic and wellness center. The truth is, all of these techniques can serve an important role in helping women — and men — age gracefully. Oftentimes, it’s an integrative approach customized to each patient that can truly…


Stay On Top of Your Game


Sports medicine physicians help athletes maximize function and minimize injuries. Whatever sport is your favorite, staying healthy and on top of your game takes time and dedication, and the unfortunate truth is injuries are a common part of almost every…


Massage and the Mind


“Tension is the physical manifestation of stress,” says Maggie Connelly, general manager of Massage Envy Spa at The Avenue Viera. “So when you’re carrying tension anywhere on your body, you’re carrying stress. Massages assist in relaxing the muscles, and therefore…

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Kids & Chiropractic Care


Many parents wonder if there are safe and effective alternative treatments for sick or hurt children. The answer is yes. Chiropractic care, massage therapy and acupressure therapy are highly safe, non-invasive and deliver the natural results that many parents seek…


To Your Health: Women & Weight Training


  By Dr. Raymond J. DeLorenzi When the DeLorenzi Orthopaedic Center (DOC) was founded, my fundamental focus was getting people back to the active lifestyles they love. As a surgeon with over 20 years of experience, my focus has, ever so…


BRCA: What Women Need To Know


WHAT DOES THIS MUTATION MEAN? BRCA stands for the BReast CAncer gene. There are two genes, BRCA 1 and 2, with either conferring different amounts of risk for different cancers. Both have about a 50-to-80 percent risk of breast cancer…


Courage Against Cancer


Ginger Burton, ARNP-C and Michelle Bartlett team up to beat the odds. At age 38, Michelle Bartlett was doing everything she’d been told to screen for breast cancer.  Starting at the young age of 25, when her mother was diagnosed…


Getting Back in the Game


Procedure provides hardware-free alternative to young, aspiring professional soccer player suffering with torn ACL. Jose Palomo, an eighth-grade student at Edgewood Junior Senior High School on Merritt Island has been playing soccer since he was about 6. But while playing…