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What? I’m a Senior Citizen

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By: Jim Barfield The theme of this month’s magazine is senior citizens. So have you ever wondered where the expression “senior citizen” originated? It began in the late 1930s and referred to an “elderly or aged person, especially one who…


Tips for Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

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Five Tricks to Carving the Perfect Pumpkin Halloween is just around the corner, which means it is likely that you will soon see jack-o-lanterns popping up on doorsteps. But don’t be jealous of your neighbor. You, too, can have a…


Staying Active Through the “Golden Years”

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Four Exercises to Stay Fit at Any Age Staying healthy and living an active lifestyle is important at any age; however, as we begin to enter our “golden years”, the importance of maintaining our bodies and minds is exponentially increased….


Let There Be Light

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Lighting design is a key factor in getting a room to accomplish the homeowners’ intent.  In general the lighting of a room truly sets the mood and functionality of that space. Whether it’s a soft, warm, inviting light or a…


Island Time

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An Island Gives Style and Functionality to Kitchens By Andrea Lacourt With the holidays approaching quickly, the kitchen is going to be a busy place. Many of our homeowners like to customize their kitchen island to fit their needs, whether…


Tips for the Perfect Halloween Party

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By Michelle Cannon Epting ‘Tis the season for costumes, candy, carving pumpkins, and cringing in delighted terror at scary movies and haunted houses.  Halloween has arrived, and children anticipate post trick-or-treating surges of sugar, while adults look forward to attending…


ABC’s of LED Lighting

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By: Melissa Kilgore, Lighting Specialist Light emitting diodes, commonly called LEDs, have made their way into many of the products we use every day. From clocks to laptops, to lamps and TVs, many of the devices we rely on have…


Arthur Rutenberg Homes: From Past to Present

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In 1953, a 26-year-old appliance dealer from Chicago invested in 10 lots in Clearwater, Fla. After obtaining a right to work, Arthur Rutenberg, along with his brother and father, designed and built three homes on spec. Thus, Rutenberg Homes was…


The Warm Home of an Interior Design Artist

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By Jaimee Preston As the stately glass door swings open to the Hays’ Viera home, out spill Scooter and Skittles, an adorable Maltipoo and Havanese. Lisa Hays and her beloved pets convey an instant warmth and elegance that is evident…