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Trends to Try

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H ardwood continues to be the fastest growing segment in flooring due to the timeless, rich look and added resale value to a home. Homeowners do have other options when it comes to materials that can mimic the look of…


A Gadget for Everything

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Today there is a gadget available for just about everything. And when we discover this item, most of us tell all our friends about it, followed by the thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?” While some gadgets may be…


Harden’s Haven

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A Beautiful Blend of French and English on the Space Coast Mike and Cindy Harden’s home has all the elements of classic lineage: art that is welcoming, décor that is enticing and furniture that is inviting.  Here the diverse worlds…



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Everything Old is New Again Thanks to blockbuster movies like “The Great Gatsby” and “American Hustle,” from clothing to home décor the vintage trend has influenced many areas. The home decor trend is particularly evident on sites like Pinterest where…


Happy Place

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By Michelle Cannon Epting Our homes act as havens from the world, sources of memories, and extensions of ourselves. Whether characterized by unusual architecture or a classic style, a connection to nature or a correlation to history, a home can…

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Live Empowered

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LifeStyle Homes leads the charge for building solar-powered homes The idea of living in a home that produces all the electricity it will ever need may sound too good to be true. But it’s not. And LifeStyle Homes is on…


The Color Wheel

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Choosing the right paint color can be a challenge. The options seem endless and the effects of color in a home are both subtle and significant. Purple has been crowned the “it” color of this year. Sherwin-Williams’ Exclusive Plum is…


Show & Tell

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Features that Make Your Home “Uniquely You” When you build a home with a custom builder there are plenty of options to make it uniquely you, from one-of-a-kind features that a home builder like Stanley Homes can create during construction…


The Beauty of Bulbs

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Who knew such beauty could come from an unassuming beginning? Even better? Bulbs are easy to plant and care for. Our area’s warm climate lets a wide variety of plant bulbs to thrive. With proper care, these plants will produce…


Professional Expertise is Priceless when Buying a Home

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“Real estate transactions involve one of the largest financial investments most people experience in their lifetime. You will benefit from a Realtor’s knowledge and having an extra set of eyes and ears to help keep things on track,” explain Kristie…