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Real Estate Professionals: Matt Canina

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Matt Canina is the broker/owner of Florida Elite Real Estate, Bevard County’s newest independent, full-service real estate brokerage. A beachside native, Canina began his career in real estate over a decade ago while attending Florida State University. There, he worked…


Real Estate Professionals: Anthony Romero

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Anthony Romero moved from New York to South Florida while he was still in school, eventually moving to Melbourne Beach to pursue his passion for surfing. He was only 18 years old when he started his first company; however, after…


Real Estate Professionals: Kalli Kamholz-Ecker

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Kalli Kamholz-Ecker is an experienced accredited luxury home specialist, specializing in luxury, waterfront and beach properties. Born and raised in the Melbourne area, Kalli earned a full soccer scholarship to the University of North Carolina where she excelled in the…


Monarch Homes

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By Shawna Serig Kelsch Brian Fleis and his father, Ed Fleis, are continuing a legacy project that the two began together almost a decade ago. The elder Fleis, now 75, had already built thousands of homes in Brevard by the…


Harbor Pilots

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Masters of Our Near Shore Seas By Shawna Serig Kelcsh Sitting at a waterfront restaurant at the Cove at Port Canaveral, sipping a cold beer, watching boats ferry in and out of the port is sport in Brevard. Hundreds of…


One Tree, One Slab, One Table at a Time

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Creating has always been Mark Quavillon’s passion. He says there is something about taking an ordinary object and turning it into something unique. He and his partner, Xeny Lopez-Matos, were attracted to the creative process of woodworking, knowing that once…


Dr. Kaete Archer

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Dr. Kaete Archer and Dr. Mourad Abouellei Kaete Archer, MD, is a facial plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures of the face, neck and nose and facial skin cancer reconstruction. Her practice at Archer Facial Plastic Surgery…


SEEING a Difference in Local Healthcare

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In Brevard, we are fortunate to have a wealth of healthcare providers envied by many: we see them every day on our local drives – the large steel, glass and concrete buildings, the medical campuses with the familiar names. We…


Ellingson Properties’ Lansing Island Home

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Situated blocks from the Atlantic Ocean, and accessible only from a single entry point by way of guarded bridge, Lansing Island is a private and secluded luxury gated waterfront community whose residents are considered to possess some of the most…