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The Joy of Teaching

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“It’s not always what you teach, but how you teach it. The love and joy behind your teaching is perhaps the strongest impression you will leave with your students.” – Amy Parsons Teacher of the Year Amy Parsons Shares Her…


It’s Always Spring In A Mother’s Heart

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by Suzanne Fox Sevel, photos by Mike Wells Mothers are more than “just” moms; they are extraordinarily strong, intelligent, supportive, intuitive and nurturing. Mothers teach valuable life lessons, while encouraging independence. They give advice, advocate for their children and encourage…


Brevard County Hometown Heroes

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By Christine Edwards When You Need Help the Most, They’re the First on Scene The old saying goes, “everyday people can be heroes every day.”  Everyday heroes are your next door neighbors, the man behind you in the checkout lane,…


Day In the Life: Bob Barnes

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Bob Barnes Co-Founder, The Children’s Hunger Project Bob Barnes is co-founder of The Children’s Hunger Project. As executive director, his duties start early and end late. Bob’s passion for helping hungry and undernourished kids is fed in great part by the…


There’s No Place Like Home

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Like Dorothy said, there’s truly no place like home. March’s issue is all about that special place most of us go to relax, recharge and unwind — our home. Having a place to call home is both a necessity and…


A Passion for Giving Back

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Twelve years ago Maria Seelman was looking for a local organization where she could make a real difference. She had a passion for giving back but didn’t want to just write a check. After she was introduced to the Children’s…


The St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s “Big Shave”

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In just four short years, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation’s Big Shave has become the ninth highest dollar volume event in the world for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. The four-year total raised is over $815,000. Local supporters of St. Baldrick’s gather…


Stop Guessing and Start Knowing

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By Stephen Rossi, Sr. As I have talked with prospective clients over the past few decades, I am constantly surprised by how many accomplish a plan for their future by simple guessing. I regularly hear phrases like “I think I…


Treasure Hunting

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Discover the Gems at Promise Treasures The majority of society has the opportunity to find a job, but career options for those with special needs are limited. For Besty Farmer, this realization became clear when her son, Luke, who has…