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Travel & Outdoors

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Horse Rescue Saves Wild Mustangs

Travel & Outdoors

A wild horse is poetry in motion, beautiful and powerful. No one knows that better than Diane Delano, president and founder of Wild Horse Rescue Center in Mims. The center is dedicated to the preservation of America’s wild horses. The…

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Golf Glance

Travel & Outdoors

  By Sue DeWerff Growing the game of golf here on the Space Coast is something Duran’s Academy of Golf’s newest addition, Justin Blazer is excited about. Since his appointment as Director of Instruction at the Viera golf facility last…

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Off the Leash

Travel & Outdoors

On March 22, 2014, the City of Rockledge celebrated the grand opening of the Barks and Recreation Dog Park, located at Robert A. Anderson Stormwater Park, 1220 Pluckebaum Road. The park, which offers two separate areas for small dogs (under…

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Brevard’s Derby Girls Rule the Rink

Travel & Outdoors

By: Cindi Courbat In the rough and tumble world of women’s roller derby, you might not expect to find school teachers, engineers, medical professionals, mothers and daughters — even a few grandmothers — but, then again, you probably haven’t met…

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Road Trip

Travel & Outdoors

By Michelle Cannon Epting Destination: Remarkable Restaurants Worth a Drive When planning a Florida getaway, there are many destinations and factors to consider. If one allows one’s palate to be the guide, a visit to one of these places may…

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Travel & Outdoors

  He starts in Miami on April 4 and ends in Pittsburgh on June 19, with small breaks in between and longer stays in certain cities. While it is not unheard of for baseball lovers to travel to several stadiums…

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Saving Our Waterways

Travel & Outdoors

As Brevard County reinvents itself as an ecotourism location, it is imperative that our recreational areas be presented as clean, well maintained nature centers. Keep Brevard Beautiful has recently introduced the Adopt an Island program to help control litter on…

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Water, Water, Everywhere

Travel & Outdoors

By: Cindi Courbat For centuries, Florida’s tropical climate, with its lush vegetation and its bountiful supply of natural water resources has provided a near-perfect paradise for plants, birds and sea animals. Florida’s tropical oasis, however, is not as pristine or…