Back to School Beer Education Series


BeachFly Brewing Company presents a series of beer-related

             classes throughout the fall for novice to craft beer connoisseur


BeachFly Brewing Company presented the first of its fall series of Beer Education classes, “Beer School 101: Beer Basics” last week.  “Brew Dude” Will Brant, BeachFly’s brewer, and “Chief of Everything” Zach Featherstone, BeachFly’s owner, filled eager students’ minds with a wide range of information, such as what ingredients go into beer, how it is made, and what makes the different styles of beer unique.  The students actively participated in the presentation by seeing, smelling, and tasting flight-sized samples of seven of BeachFly’s beers, as each were explained by Will and Zach.  By the end of the class, students had a greater understanding of what makes an Ale different from a Lager, and what gives Canova Sunrise Red its rich, amber color.

The next class in the series is a Beer and Food Pairing Class on Monday, September 16 at the Brewery. Participants will learn the principles behind pairing BeachFly’s beer with various foods to create that perfect balance of harmonious tastes.  During the class, BeachFly’s Chefs will prepare several food and beer combinations, demonstrating how different types of beers pair with foods.  Students will get hands on experience with beer and food pairings so they can take that knowledge and apply it to their favorite meals at home.

Additional classes planned are Beer School 201: The Basics of Brewing (The Process) on September 30, which will outline the basics of brewing, explain the differences between commercial and homebrewing processes and how altering the process might change the product; Beer School 301: Detecting Off Flavors in Beer on October 14, where participants will learn what particular odors and off-flavors mean in beers, including a hands-on test with blind samples;   Beer School 401: Ingredients Showcase where students will learn how and why changing one ingredient in the beer affects the overall taste of the end product; and Incorporating Beer into your Food Recipes where participants will learn how to use different styles of beer in cooking to achieve the ultimate in flavor from favorite brews and which styles work better with particular foods. The series will end with an Advanced Brew Course that includes an actual production day in the brewery.

For more information, dates, times, and tickets check BeachFly Brewing Company’s website ( and Facebook page, or contact Zach Featherstone at 321-610-3653 or


Sep 16 2019


Seminars are about 2 hours on Monday nights at the brewery
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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