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First Annual Annie Oakley Festival

Femme Fatale ARMS and Training is happy to host an event for the community where women (and men) can experience shooting sports. Whether you have never held a gun, or shoot regularly or somewhere in between, you’ll find something fun to do at the inaugural Femme Fatale ARMS’ – Annie Oakley Festival. **
All of the proceeds from this event are to benefit the Palm Bay Explorer Program and Palm Bay SWAT. The biggest challenge for new shooters is getting started. First Shots makes getting started in shooting very easy. At a First Shots seminar, you’ll receive: An educational introduction to the safe and recreational use of firearms and clear understanding of the local requirements for owning and purchasing a firearm. **
We will have female instructors, local law enforcement and Range Safety Officers overseeing all the shooting activities.
Learn to properly shoot a semi-automatic pistol. After the class you will have the opportunity to shoot a small pistol. Experienced instructors will be with you and guide you through the entire experience. If you have shot before, this is a great opportunity to receive a few tips on improving your technique.
Learn to Shoot a .22 rifle Rifles are easy and fun to shoot, they are great for shooting longer distances and have hardly any recoil (push back) when fired. You’ll find this a fun and empowering experience.
Learn to shoot an AR-15 Defense rifle. – I know, we’ve all seen the video’s where the woman pulls the trigger and… well you know. Nobody wants to be her. These rifles are quite easy to shoot, even for ladies over 50! Give it a try, take a picture to show your family and friends. **NOTE: All attendees are required to attend the FirstShots educational and safety seminar
The seminar is offered at the festival. This 60 minute class will be held at 4 separate times BEFORE NOON. More details available at


Feb 09 2019


9:00 am - 4:00 pm



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Palm Bay Police Range
620 Hurley Blvd.