Green Gables Open House

After withstanding hurricanes, floods, and other storms for 123 years, this Forgotten Enchantress faces the storm of destruction for commercial gain.  Will the small team of compassionate citizens save her in time?

Why is saving Green Gables so Important?  The acquisition and restoration of Green Gables is not just about preserving an old house from the wrecking ball. It is so much more. Green Gables is the 125 year old historic home of the Wells family, one of the generous benefactors who played a key role in the development of early Melbourne. Their vision and their generosity gifted the area with Wells Park and the first auditorium, the first library, establishing the first high school, and many more things in the community, all of which have been enjoyed by several generations. We do not want Green Gables to become a distant memory from the past or an archived post. She is still here, still standing, and is patiently waiting to be refurbished to her former glory. She will be a living history museum and community outreach center. There are millions of people who love history. Together we can restore Green Gables and save history. Please take time to go to and watch the documentary “Forgotten Enchantress”.

You, too, will be enchanted and understand why we are trying to raise funds for restoring this architectural beauty.




The event is finished.


Mar 06 2021


10:00 am - 2:00 pm


Suggested donation $20

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