“One of the things I live by is every day’s an interview; You never know who
you’re talking to.”

Marcus Harley, 45

Vice president and regional manager of the Space Coast region for PNC Bank

Marcus Harley has held many roles: cell-phone network manager, church elder, co-founder of an auto detailing business, consultant, and now vice president and regional manager of the Space Coast region for PNC Bank. And he’s never had to show a resume,
he says.

Born and raised in the Washington, D.C. area, Harley didn’t move to Florida with wife Maureen and his kids until PNC brought him to West Palm Beach area a few years ago. In 2012, he got the job in Brevard.

“I love it. I tell people all the time, this is the one place that I’ve found in my life and my travels that reminds me more of home.”

Outside of work, though he enjoys playing poker and basketball and has a passion for music, he focuses on his family. He has three daughters and a son, ages 4 to 18.

Harley serves on the board of the Space Coast Early Intervention Center. “Children with special needs are really dear to my heart,” he says.

He attributes his approach to life to his parents, who were generous and worked hard. “They never looked to receive,” he says. “They always looked to give. I think that’s where I get my heart from now.”

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