Jeff began installing carpet as a high school student growing up on Merritt Island. Several years later, in 1986, he capitalized on his passion for the industry and opened J&J Carpet One. Jeff credits 32 years of business success to his amazing staff. The talented sales team greets each day with a passionate drive to help clients create their dream living spaces. Each installer is dedicated to customer satisfaction, exhibiting pride in their workmanship. Jeff is thankful for J&J’s extraordinary team and looks forward to each day.

Meet the Team

Dawn Johns is known for taking her designs to the next level and incorporating unique, custom elements to create a one-of-a-kind design tailored to her client’s style. Dawn’s 27 years of experience in the flooring, kitchen and bath remodeling industry, paired with her love of art, has allowed her to tap into her creativity. You can see Dawn’s work in local magazines such as Cocoa Beach Lifestyle and SpaceCoast LIVING.

With 15 years in the design and construction industry, and more than 10 years as a licensed architect and interior designer, Melissa brings experience, customer service and attention to detail in her role as a kitchen and bath designer for J&J Carpet One Home and Floors.A native of Indiana, Melissa has been in Merritt Island for nearly 20 years, and she loves the island style and atmosphere. She truly enjoys helping homeowners bring a project from a dream to reality.

Even though she is new to the company, Noelle has brought new ideas, unique talent and enthusiasm to the business. She graduated from Eastern Florida State College with an associate’s degree in interior design. Having moved from Pennsylvania six years ago, Noelle misses the seasons but finds enjoyment in the Florida beaches. She enjoys the artistry of designing and collaborating with a team to put together projects that customers can make their own.

Lacey graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. She has worked for J&J Carpet One for more than six months now and says her favorite part about the job is the people who work here. She has lived in Florida her whole life and is very familiar with the area. Working in the social media department, Lacey loves to work with photographs. She enjoys having a career that uses her uniqueness to represent the company.

Brad has been in the flooring business for the last 20 years and a part of the J&J Carpet One Floor & Home team for the past six and a half years. He was first introduced to the flooring business as an accountant for a flooring retailer. While he enjoyed the business of accounting, Brad always had a passion for people and decided to transition into flooring sales and focus his talents on helping home and business owners select the best flooring for their lifestyle. With his charismatic personality and vast knowledge of floor coverings, Brad has thrived in sales and customer satisfaction.

For more than 40 years, Rob Naghdi’s work has been people-centered. He earned a degree in Civil Engineering from Purdue University, then worked in remodeling before he started designing kitchens in 1990. From the very start of his new career, he has been passionate about the work. Taught early on to design for function and beauty, Rob knows there is an answer for every kitchen despite the design challenges. Rob has designed between 75-100 one-of-a-kind kitchens and enjoys helping people achieve their dreams for a new way of living.

Ashley is a Pacific Northwest native transplanted in Florida. She grew up in the design construction industry and has been around it her entire life. Her absolute favorite room to design is the kitchen because there is so much to consider, and the way it functions really has to match the client’s needs. She calls the kitchen the heartbeat of the home, where gatherings occur, stories are told, songs are sung and dancing goes on all night.

“They are awesome and guarantee their work. The workers are not only professional, but on time, pleasant and hard working!” — Jill Andrews.

Kemp Custom Amish Cabinets is a one-of-a-kind cabinet company located in southern Indiana. Using a catalyzed baked finish, the company’s finishing process is of the highest quality. This means after finishing, the cabinetry goes through ovens to provide the best final product available. Kemp Cabinets offer cabinets in cherry, maple, knotty alder, hickory, oak and quarter sawn oak. Kemp has been committed to the needs of its customers since 1988. Create your dream home by building a gorgeous piece of cabinetry with outstanding quality and custom designs without the custom prices.  J&J Carpet One Floor & Home is the distributor of Amish cabinets for the state of Florida.

Granite vs. QuartzTech 101

Granite is natural stone mined from quarries all around the world, cut into slabs, transported and polished. While very hard as a natural stone, it is porous and risks staining, so it needs protection with a sealer. Reapplication of sealers depends on the sealer used and the chemicals it comes in contact with during daily use (acids will deteriorate sealers). Granite is a precious resource that has been used in construction for thousands of years. Dark granite is naturally more dense than light granite and thus is more stain resistant.

Quartz is the most abundant and hardest mineral on Earth. Quartz countertops are a man-made product using 95 percent natural quartz crystals, which are mined, ground and polished into small grains, then added to polymer resins, pressed and baked in ovens producing quartz slabs in a variety of colors and designs.

Originally developed in Italy in the early 1960’s, quartz tops hit the American market by storm in the 1990’s and have no sign of slowing. Quartz tops are as hard if not harder than granite, but are naturally more stain resistant (less porous), and require less maintenance.

On average, granite tops can be more economical than quartz. However, several factors impact the cost. Quartz prices will vary by company based on their manufacturing processes, slab sizes and characteristics. Size of the project, seam locations and characteristics such as veining in the slab will also impact the project cost, so each project should be carefully designed.

Choosing granite vs. quartz is a personal preference, and all factors, including cost, characteristics and maintenance should be considered to ensure the best product is used for the project.

A Carpet Like No OtherWith a 25-Year NO EXCLUSIONS Warranty

The toughest carpet with outstanding stain resistance and timeless style, LEES® featuring Ultra25® is the perfect blend of science and style combining ground-breaking stain protection and ultra-durable construction with a broad array of styles to express your taste. LEES® is the only carpet for the world you live in.

“J&J did such an amazing job with our remodel project. Our project involved removal of a wall to open the floor plan, re-wiring the kitchen, adding recessed lighting, re-flooring nearly the entire house and installing new kitchen cabinets and counters. Dawn directed the entire job, and, after listening to what we were looking for, narrowed our choices. The number of options, otherwise, was overwhelming. The final product turned out fantastic and even under budget. We plan to re-model our bathrooms next, and J&J will certainly be involved.” — Matthew & Heather Ricks

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