Survivor Edition | Cheri Lavelle

People & Business

This was her dream home and she couldn’t be happier where things were at this stage of her life.  In April 2014, Cheri Lavalle was living her life, and had recently moved into her grandfather’s house with her husband. This…


Survivor Edition | Royce Shingleton

People & Business

“The doctor did go tell my wife that they lost me on the table…“  People often ask the question, why does one person survive such a traumatic experience while someone else may not? What makes one situation and fate different from…


Survivor Edition | Karen Caruso

People & Business

“I’m a wife, a mom, a sister, a grandmother and a friend.“  The old saying goes that life can change on a dime, and for Karen Caruso, it did just that. One week in July 2017, she was living life,…


Survivor Edition | Natasha Duran

People & Business

“The greatest mark of a survivor is how they transform despair into hope.”  “Your. Child. Is. Sick.” Four crushing words that no parent should ever have to hear. “Their condition — well, it’s life threatening.” A reality no parent should…


The Gourd’s Work

Home & Garden

By Carrie Stevenson Each year at the Church at Viera (CAV) pumpkin patch, there is more than the wind of a changing season in the air. Excitement is palpable and optimism abounds, and it’s generated by the teenagers and families…


Surviving the Inevitable


By Mallorie Ann Ingram  Whether you’re going through a medical trial, work challenges, or even moving from one home to another, it’s safe to say that life sometimes throws us a curve ball of stress. We’ve talked a lot about…


All Things Pumpkin

Eat & Drink

By Rebecca Meyer The day arrived and the weather was perfect at the park. After all, it was October, which meant rolling in the leaves, pumpkin picking time and of course, time to make favorite desserts with both pumpkin and…


The Big Apple

Travel & Outdoors

By Cassandra Wilkerson There is something for everybody in busy New York City. I often get so caught up in planning a memorable and exciting vacation that I forget what makes a vacation memorable and exciting. Exploration, adventure and creativity…


If not pharmaceuticals, then what?


By Judy Piersall I get asked frequently, “Since you don’t use pharmaceuticals, what do you use?” I write a lot about options, so this article will focus on some of those. I’m not going to disclose how much I use…