Busted: The Top 3 Fitness Myths You Need to Know

There is an endless amount of information available at our fingertips when it comes to health and fitness. For example, when I search “weight loss” on Google, I get thousands of articles on crash diets, fat loss pills, skinny teas,...

SANZ: Putting the “Care” Back in Skincare

Beauty, Health
We like our products like we like our friends… non-toxic! If the bright packaging doesn’t immediately catch your eye, the SANZ slogan certainly will. I was drawn in by these words; however, I didn’t fully understand what they meant. What...

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Poke’ Bao

Eat & Drink, SpaceCoast's Endless Summer
RECIPE FOR POKE’ BAO VIERA 1 Vegetarian + 1 Sushi Chef + 1 Meat Lover + 1 Omnivore, drizzle in a surly Chinese/Panamanian Chef, blend in Boba and let it marinate for a few years = Our story is a...

A Magical Medi-Spa | Achieve Beautiful Skin

Beauty, People & Business
Achieve Beautiful Skin ® – located off Viera Blvd and Murrell Rd. – is a medi-spa founded, owned and operated by Jeanne Whitman. Whitman is not only the Founder and owner, but also the chief medical aesthetician, laser specialist and...