Our cover model issue of SpaceCoast LIVING has always highlighted talent that could be on the runway in New York or the fashion salons of Paris. Fortunately for us, they are right here in Brevard. In fact, last year’s cover model Vanessa Panzak went on to walk in New York’s Fashion Week.

Talent, potential and possibility are all around us, waiting to be recognized and celebrated. Which is what SpaceCoast LIVING is all about and that is where you come in. It is your engagement, your participation, and your enthusiasm about what makes this area so remarkable that makes every issue ofSpaceCoast LIVING possible.

We share this incredible opportunity to showcase what makes our area so remarkable and it is only with your help that we can do that. Which is why we were so excited about the “Cover Model” process.

These are your cover models: Christina, Ekaterina, Jen, Charli and Gabrielle. You talked to friends and family to submit their pictures. You helped us narrow down our finalists and you guided us in selecting this year’s cover model.

We realize that our magazine, and its related platforms, are all about a relationship we share with you. We want to bring what interests you and will enrich your life and lifestyle, but to do that we have to begin with you, not us. In the coming months opportunities for engagement will only increase, as we celebrate together, the Best of Space Coast.

~From the Publishers and Staff of SpaceCoast LIVING

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