Mini Solo Exhibitions at Studios of Cocoa Beach

The Studios of Cocoa Beach has opened the first in a series of mini solo exhibitions.  The exhibitions features three local artists, highlighting t one aspect of each artist’s current work.  This show runs January 12 – 31, 2021 at the gallery, 165 Minuteman…


Jeff Thamert, October Spotlight Artist at Downtown Art Gallery

With travel curtailed and our world seemingly smaller, this is the time to bring the natural world into our homes.  There is no better way to expand our horizons than viewing the wonderful landscape photography created by Jeff Thamert.  This October…


Black Point Wildlife Drive Bus Tour

Join a knowledgeable refuge volunteer for a guided two hour tour in the Refuge Shuttle Bus for an opportunity to learn about the variety of wildlife found on the refuge. Meet at the Refuge Visitor Center. Space is limited so…


Oh, the Places She’s Been

Arts & Community

An exhibit at the King Center recently wrapped up the latest accomplishment of photographer Bailey Underill. An amazing achievement considering Bailey is only 16 years old, one of the youngest exhibitors in the King Center’s 25-year history. She picked up…


Can You Imagine a World without Pictures?

Arts & Community

Close your eyes and imagine that the camera had never been invented and there were no such thing as photos. No pictures of famous historical leaders or inventors. No pictures of your grandparents. No pictures of your mother, father, siblings…


Picture Perfect

Arts & Community

Gregory Daniels creates beautiful portrait art pieces for clients’ homes and nothing completes the story more than including the family pet.  “Our portraits capture the unique bond people have with their pets, that emotional relationship with an animal who gives…